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The following is a directory of businesses owned or operated by blind and visually impaired individuals. This directory is designed to provide current and future business owners with inspiration and access to the listed businesses, with the goal of initiating networking opportunities among blind and visually impaired business owners.

In order to be included in this directory, please download the Business Profile Form, answer the questions, and email it back to us according to the instructions.

A3 Freight Payment

Owner: Ross Harris

Address: 3150 Lenox Park Blvd. Ste: 400, Memphis, TN 38115, USA

Phone: Direct: 1-901-759-2967. Mobile: 1-901-484-1801



Business: A3 Freight Payment is an outsourcer for the accounts payable function for freight invoices. Shippers who spend in excess of $30 million per year on freight and logistics services are potential customers of A3 Freight Payment.

Freight Payment adds value by verifying that the correct amounts have been billed on freight invoices and by providing accounting and transportation data gleaned from these invoices in a ready-to-use database. The database is accessed using proprietary applications developed by A3 Freight Payment.

The A3 Freight Payment team gained expertise in the field from several other freight payment companies prior to beginning this venture. The team, in its history has served such large volume shippers as: GE, Apple, Starbucks, Nortel Networks, and Philips Electronics to name just a few.

Butterfly Knitting

Owner: Rebecca Frankeberger

Address: 1271 E. St. Andrews Dr, N., Shelton, WA 98584, USA



Business: Formally established in 2008, Butterfly Knitting is a home studio-based business featuring 100 percent custom work. There is no "inventory" as each piece knitted or crocheted is unique to the specifications of the client.

Cre8tive Media Design Firm Inc

Owner: Rae Lowery

Address: 6045 Atlantic Blvd. Ste. 206, Norcross, GA 30071, USA

Business Contact: Rae Lowery

Phone: 678-580-0863



Business: Cre8tive Media Design Firm is a serviced based company providing graphic design and motion graphics to help growing small businesses and start up promote their business with custom design that tailored to their marketing needs. We design logos, websites, stationary, proposal covers, social media pages, and so much more!

Dancing Dots

Owner: Bill McCann

Address: 1754 Quarry LN, Phoenixville, PA 19460, USA

Phone: 610-783-6692



Business: Our company, Dancing Dots, fosters inclusion in classroom, studio and stage for blind and low vision musicians. We develop and adapt technology to build literacy and independence for those who want to study, read, write, or record music. Since its release in 1997, we have continued to develop GOODFEEL®, the world's first commercial braille music translator. We have continued to add new accessible music technology products and services which are now used by blind and low vision musicians throughout the United States and in 40 other countries.

Diabetic Shoes Hub, LLC

Owner: Scott Peng

Address: 13256 N 93rd Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85260, USA

Business Contact: Scott Peng,

Phone: 623-455-6258



Business: The Diabetic Shoes Hub is an online retailer of diabetic and therapeutic footwear. We know how difficult it is to find a pair of comfortable fitting shoes so we take pride in educating our customers and providing them with outstanding service. The Diabetic Shoes Hub carries a wide selection of therapeutic shoes, work boots, athletic sneakers and dress shoes for men and women; available in multiple widths and sizes for hard to fit feet.


Owner: Faith Elizabeth Cummings

Address: 13 Freedom Place, Waynesboro, VA 22980, USA

Phone: (540) 337-1525


Business: I sell made to order, handmade knitted and crocheted items. These items vary from wearables to decorator dolls and afghans. The customer may choose the colors and the pattern to fit their needs or desires, or, if they prefer, I will help them choose. The prices of these items vary according to the materials used and the difficulty of the pattern. I do not keep an inventory of items, but make each item as it is ordered. I do not yet have a web site, but I do have a page for FASHION AND FIBER ARTS on Facebook. There are pictures of some of my previous work up there.

Besides the company, FASHION AND FIBER ARTS, I have begun to publish books on for the Kindle. I also publish on which distributes the book in several formats, some of which are accessible to read on a computer. Smashwords distributes the books to several other e-book stores, for all I-devices, for the nook, and many other e-readers. Both Amazon and Smashwords distribute overseas as well. The name of the current book is THE SECRET OF FAIR HILL, but there are at least two more books coming this year or next, to make it a trilogy. The links to the author pages on Amazon and Smashwords are as follows: or There is also a copy of this book on BookShare for those who are members.

Fresh Outlook Coach

Owner: Yvonne B. Garris

Address: 923 Lititz Ave, Lancaster, PA 17602, USA

Business Contact: Yvonne B. Garris

Phone: 717-394-1191 or 717-413-6835(textable)



Business: Fresh Outlook Coach help's people with disabilities see that there is life after becoming disabled. I help people set goals then break them down into obtainable steps that I hold them accountable for.

Insightful Publications

Owner: Cristine Chaikin

Address: PO Box 390295, Keauhou, HI 96739-0295, USA

Business Contact: Cristine Chaikin

Phone: 808-747-1006



Business: Resource handbooks specifically designed for use by the blind and visually impaired.

Tag Line: Publisher of resource handbooks for the blind and visually impaired communities.

Additional Links:
Facebook: Insightful Publications
Twitter: Insightful Publications on Twitter
LinkedIn: Insightful Publications on LinkedIn

Legendary Insights

Owner: Laura Legendary

Address: 850 S. Boulder Hwy, Ste 602 , Henderson, NV 89015, USA

Phone: 509-264-2588



Business: Legendary Insights is also a group of online resources for people with disabilities and those who love them. Whether you need to hire a speaker for your next event, seek out an advocate who can help with accessibility issues, or get critical information on aging and in-home care, you can find what you're looking for with Legendary Insights. Check out my newest entrepreneurial venture, Elegant Insights Braille Creations at Elegant Insights is a distinctive collection of jewelry and accessories for men and women, all handcrafted and made in the USA. Best of all, each of our beautiful products are embossed in crisp, readable Braille!

My Disability Matters Pty. Ltd.
Trading Name: Travel for All

Owner: Dale Reardon

Address: 5 Albert St, Kingston Beach, Tasmania 7050, Australia

Phone: +61362867305



Business: Travel For All; Inclusive travel options for everyone with accessibility needs. Community and blog now live. Listings coming soon.

Additional Links:
Twitter: @dalereardon and @TravelForAll_

Phoenix Therapeutic & Consulting Services

Owner: Robin Lipsker, LICSW, CDP, CADC III

Address: 108 E. Maple Street, Centralia, WA 98532, USA

Phone: (360) 827-1666


Business: I am a licensed therapist, social worker and addiction counselor for the states of Washington and Wyoming. My specializations are in chronic pain management and addiction issues. I am also able to use Skype for teletherapy. I take cash and some insurances. I also counsel patients with depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, PTSD and trauma. I counsel couples, adolescents and offer groups for women, chronic pain, bereavement and mindfulness/relaxation/stress management.

Pneuma Solutions

Owner: Mike Calvo

Address: 400 S 4th St, Ste 410 #59188, Minneapolis, MN 55415-1419, USA

Business Contact: Mike Calvo




Pneuma Solutions is backed by two decades of creating award winning innovative accessible cloud technologies for people with visual impairments, Pneuma Solutions is the leader in accessible cloud solutions.

Under the visionary direction of founder and CEO, Mike Calvo, Pneuma Solutions helps organizations become more accessible to people with a print disability. Our cloud-based tools allow you to provide information securely to your print disabled consumers, students, employees, and citizens in a multitude of alternate formats.

We believe access to information is not a privilege, it's a right.

We also believe it is your right to obtain affordable, accessible cloud solutions to serve your end user.

When organizations like yours implement our tools, together we help make it a more inclusive world for people with disabilities.

Whether from our globally distributed cloud infrastructur or directly from your network, we provide powerful, secure solutions with a convenient "set it and forget it" design.

Premier Visual Voice, LLC

Owner: Margaret A. Downs, CEO, RCP (Registered CART Provider)

Address: 9873 Gabriel's Way, Concord Township, OH 44060, USA

Business Contact: Margaret A. Downs

Phone: 216-246-9477



Business: Premier Visual Voice is a communications access company providing live event captioning, video/media captioning, remote ASL (VRI) services and legal, medical and general transcription services. Most captioning is done remotely; although some events are captioned on-site.

Premier Visual Voice primarily works with the deaf and hard-of-hearing community; although, the service provided can be utilized by persons whose first language may not be English and/or persons with auditory challenges.

The remote process of the service is very user friendly. Clients view captions on a URL that is given to them to just click on their PC or mobile device. Audio is accessible to the captioner via some type of collaborative platform, such as Skype, Adobe Connect or WebEx.

Serotek Corporation

Owner: Mike Calvo

Address: 1128 Harmon Place Ste.310 , Minneapolis, MN 55403, USA

Business Contact: Ricky Enger

Phone: 612-246-4818



Business: Serotek is a company whose mission is to provide Accessibility anywhere to all blind people, regardless of their economic status. Serotek believes that accessibility is a right, not a privilege, and that a person should be able to access information and perform tasks from any public computer, not just a computer specifically configured for the purpose. To this end, Serotek has created a number of affordable and easy-to-use cloud-based solutions to serve the needs of the community.

Settled In - Home Search and Relocations Services, Tasmania

Owner: Dale Reardon

Address: 5 Albert St, Kingston Beach, Tasmania 7050, Australia

Phone: +61362867305



Business: Settled In is a Home Search and Relocation Services company, operating in Tasmania helping those relocating to or moving within Tasmania. We provide relocation and settling assistance to those moving to or within Tasmania, and home search services for anyone wanting to buy a property in Tasmania.

Web Friendly Help LLC
Helping You Tame Your Access Technology

Owner: Casey Mathews

Address: 4700 Millenia Blvd. STE 175, PMB 92851, Orlando, FL 32839, USA

Business Contact: Casey Mathews

Phone: 567-234-0078



Business: Web Friendly Help

Welcome to!

If you are blind or have difficulty with your vision and use a computer or an iPhone, then I would be honored to serve you.

My name is Casey Mathews, and I love helping people get the most out of their technology by providing training or technical support. I can help you become friends with your technology, or boost productivity for you by tweaking the software on your computer or iPhone to meet your unique tech needs.