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To complete this training program, you are required to complete the following twelve modules, in the order which they are presented. You must score at least 75% in order to pass each module. Each student may only have two attempts to score a passing grade.

Module 1 — Introduction to the Business Enterprise Program

  1. Before Randolph-Sheppard
  2. History and Background -- National and Mini Randolph Sheppard
  3. Randolph Sheppard, Food and Vending Service, and Priority on Government Properties

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Module 2 — Vending Management

  1. Introduction (blindness basics and what systems you will use to support your operation)
  2. Organization, Systems Development, and Inventory
  3. Purchasing and Distributor Relationships
  4. Storage, Par Levels, and Technology

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Module 3 — Café Operations

  1. Introduction -- 1974 Café Expansion
  2. Evaluating and Improving Your Location
  3. Food Safety and ServSafe Certification
  4. Kitchen Operations and Café Environment

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Module 4 — Developing Systems to Structure and Manage Your Business

  1. Evaluating Areas of Improvement, Creating Systems and Checklists
  2. Quality, Service and Cleanliness, and Value
  3. Orientations and Shift Management
  4. Recipe Right Food and Keeping Clean

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Module 5 — Sales

  1. Accurate Sales Projections
  2. Historical Trends and Methodically Building Sales
  3. Marketing Inside and Outside Your Location
  4. Assessing Competitors and Creating Healthy Menu Options

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Module 6 — Employee Hiring and Development

  1. Staffing Basics and Recruiting
  2. Applications and the Interview Process
  3. Hiring
  4. Employee Handbooks and Managing Staff
  5. Scheduling

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Module 7 — Labor and Cost of Goods Management

  1. Labor Management
  2. Developing a Team That Runs by Itself
  3. Cost-of-Goods
  4. Best Practice Inventory Methods
  5. Choosing Food Distributors

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Module 8 — Customer Service for BEP

  1. Customer Service Isn't a Department
  2. Who Decides What Good Customer Service Is
  3. Customer Service Examples from the Best Companies
  4. Hiring Staff and Training Them to Give Your Patrons the Best Customer Service Your Location Can Offer

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Module 9 — Micro Markets

  1. Micro Markets: The Next Step in Randolph-Sheppard
  2. One Size Does Not Fit All. Micro Markets Come in Different Sizes, with Different Product Offerings and Capabilities
  3. Kiosk and Point-of-Sales Systems
  4. Attending to Final Details Before You Open Your Micro Market

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Module 10 — Business Processes

  1. Creating a Business Plan and Creating a Business Structure
  2. Start-up Inventory
  3. Support from Your SLA, VR Counselor, and Business Resources
  4. Individual State Agreements
  5. Adaptive Technology
  6. Creating Effective Office Systems
  7. Data Tracking and Becoming a Leader
  8. Menu Options and Potential Partnerships

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Module 11 — ServSafe: An Introduction, a Two-Lesson Module

Lesson 1

  1. Purchasing, Receiving, and Storing
  2. Food Preparation and Cooking
  3. Holding, Cooling, and Cold Foods
  4. Thermometers, Contaminants, and Allergens

Lesson 2

  1. Avoiding Contaminants
  2. Employee Training and Hygiene
  3. Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Dishwashing
  4. Active Managerial Control and HACCP Plans
  5. Equipment Specifications and Pest Control Guidelines
  6. Course Review and Leadership

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Module 12 — Final Examination

  1. A Final Exam (based on all 11 course modules)

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