RS Talk

RS BizTalk is a series of business-related online discussion. The topics largely depend on our students' needs and current events in the business world.

Past Webinars

The Impact of COVID-19 and Equipment Innovations

Jim Chico and his team at U-Select-It spent some time talking about the impact the COVID-19 pandemic will have on the vending industry and strategies for safety and sanitation. They also introduced us to the latest innovations at U-Select-It.

The Impact of COVID-19 and Equipment Innovations

Micromarkets A to Z

What are micromarkets? In what sorts of locations are they most successful?  How can we offer more to our customers? Can you sell hot food in a micromarket? How can micromarkets generate more profits for blind entrepreneurs? How much space is needed? How do we know when a micromarket is the right solution? This training answers all of these questions and more.

NABM has forged a partnership with Translucent, LLC to take the lead in the training. Translucent is a Kansas City based company with considerable expertise in setting up micromarkets and coaching operators to be successful. Steve and Patty Closser created Translucent in 2017. Patty Closser leads the team and drives home the company’s motto which is “clearly working for you.” Steve is the company’s Chief Integrator. Both have spent their entire careers in the food service industry and have a wealth of knowledge from which to draw. Together they will teach you Micromarkets A to Z.

Micro Market Training 1
Micro Market Training 2
Micro Market Training 3
Micro Market Training 4
Micro Market Training 5

Strategies to Manage COVID-19 Disruption In Your BEP Location

Has your business been COVID-19 disrupted? This webinar discussed strategies on how you can recover. This applies to businesses who are closed and those who have seen a significant reduction in sales.

BEP COVID-19 Audio Recording

Active Participation: What It Is and What It Is Not

This webinar focuses on the requirement under the Randolph-Sheppard Act that the Elected Committee of Blind Vendors actively participate in all major administrative decisions affecting the state's business enterprise program. The concept of active participation is often misunderstood and can be a source of great friction between blind vendors and state licensing agencies. This webinar examines what active participation is and how to make it work in your state. It will also look at what active participation is not. The presenter is Terry C. Smith, National Federation of the Blind Entrepreneur's Initiative.

Active Participation: What It Is and What It Is Not Audio Recording

Active Participation: What It Is and What It Is Not Transcript

Social Security for Blind Vendors

This webinar focuses on the special Social Security rules that apply to Randolph-Sheppard entrepreneurs who draw disability benefits. The goal is to provide guidance that will enable blind entrepreneurs to receive the disability benefits to which they are legally entitled.

Social Security for Blind Vendors Audio Recording